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Questions And Answers On Hex Tap Bolts

What Is The Difference Between A Tap Bolt And A Cap Screw?

Tap bolts and cap screws have a few distinctive features that make them unique. They are installed in different ways. Tap bolts, and bolts in general, are usually installed by tightening the nut.

Cap screws are tightened from the head. Tap bolts are fully threaded and have a hexagonal head shape, while cap screws are partially threaded and may have a cylindrical or hex-shaped head.

What Is A Hex Tap Bolt?

Hex tapped bolts are fully-threaded structural fasteners that are used in construction, automotive, and agricultural settings, as well as a range of other structural and equipment applications.

While the shaft of these bolts is threaded across the entire length, they have many similarities with standard hex bolts. They can be installed into tapped holes or with a nut as part of a fastener assembly.

What Do Hex Tap Bolts Look Like?

Hex tap bolts very closely resemble standard industrial bolts. These fasteners are flat-topped and have a six-sided head. This hexagonal shape permits smooth and easy tightening with the use of a hex wrench.

These bolts are primarily used with tapped holes and have machine threading that runs their full length. They can also be installed with the addition of a nut.

What Are Tap Bolt Dimensions?

Dimensions of a standard hex tap bolt are within a diameter range of 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch and a length range between 3/4 inch and 6 inches. These measurements are taken across the threaded portion of the bolt. Some non-standard bolt dimensions are outside of this range.

For a tap bolt with greater load capacity, shorter lengths and thicker diameters perform best.

What Are Tap Bolt Applications?

Common applications of hex taps bolts include repair of vehicle parts, the fastening of motors to machinery, and for adjusting tension in pulleys. They are designed to be used in tapped holes and parts that feature internal threading.

As industrial fasteners, they can be used in a wide range of structural and equipment-based placements.

What Are Hex Tap Bolts Made Of?

Hex tap bolts are manufactured using industrial-grade steel alloys.

Tap bolts intended for lighter duty fastening will usually be made from low carbon steel. Tap bolts used to fasten standard and heavy-duty connections are made from medium carbon steel, alloy steel, and weathering steel.

These bolts usually have some degree of heat treatment. Other resistance enhancing treatments, like stainless steel and zinc-coating, are sometimes applied.

How Should Hex Tap Bolts Be Installed?

Installation of hex taps bolts is completed by torquing the nut or the head of the bolt with a hexagonal tool like a wrench.

On tightening, two full threads should extend past the end of the assembly in order to ensure the bolt is fully engaged with the nut.

How Are Hex Tap Bolts Tightened?

Hex tapped bolts are tightened by torquing the head of the bolt with a wrench or by torquing the nut. If the bolt is to be inserted into a tapped hole, meaning one with internal threads, it can be tightened from the head.

If the hole is not tapped and smooth on the interior, then a nut would be used to tighten the assembly.

How Are Hex Tap Bolts Measured?

The measurements of hex tapped bolts are consistent with those taken for other types of hexagonal bolts.

The length measurement includes the threaded portion of the bolt, which is taken from the underside of the head to the very end. This measurement should be consistent with the depth of the tapped hole.

The diameter is the thickness of the threads, which will dictate the appropriate width of the tapped hole.

Do Hex Tap Bolts Need A Washer?

Washers and hex tap bolts are usually paired together as part of a total structural fastener assembly. The addition of a washer will better distribute force and support the connection.

For grade 5 and grade 8 tap bolts, an SAE hardened flat washer is typically applied. These washers are made from industrial-grade steel.