Eye Bolts New Online Video Resource Educates Public

Information about eye bolts published by a manufacturer is now easily accessible in a video resource library. Prepared by BACO Enterprises, Inc. of Bronx, NY, the library of 10 videos found on Answerhop allows visitors to explore types of eye bolts, their materials, their capabilities, and their applications.

The term eye bolt arises from the design of the bolt that features a closed loop on one end. The eye provides a place to attach a chain, cable, or rope. The other end is threaded so that builders can screw it into a hard material. They are often secured with nuts and washers. Dimensions used to determine the size of an eye bolt are shaft length from the base of the loop and the diameter of the eye loop.

With eye bolts, builders can suspend items, attach anchor lines, or create a lifting assembly. Their use can accomplish the hanging of fixtures from walls, ceilings, or beams. Big construction projects involving roads and bridges rely on eye bolts as well.

Due to the heavy loads that often must rely on the strength and durability of this special fastener, manufacturers use industrial-grade metals, such as alloy steel, stainless steel, or carbon steel. Because eye bolts may be used in marine environments or in manufacturing systems that use corrosive liquids, some types receive protective coatings, like hot-dip galvanization.

Eye bolts diverge into three main categories, which are shoulder, lifting, and bent. A shoulder eye bolt has a rim that promotes superior fastening and load bearing. Lifting eye bolts are appropriate for rigging systems attached at 90 degrees to the surface. For lighter load bearing needs, the bent eye bolt provides a good solution.

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