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Questions And Answers On Socket Bolts

Where Are Socket Bolts Used?

Socket head cap screws can be turned with an Allen key. This makes them very useful as a fastener in spaces with limited access.

Socket head cap screws are often chosen for machine parts, equipment, and other metal applications. They can also work for die fixtures, wood construction, and clamping.

What Tools Are Used With Socket Head Bolts?

Socket head bolts provide two options for tightening or loosening them. Installation and adjustments are usually done with an Allen key, or hex wrench, that fits into the hexagonal, recessed drive.

Alternatively, a socket wrench may turn the bolt by gripping the edges on the outer rim of the head.

What Is A Socket Head Bolt?

A socket head bolt is identified by a cylindrical head with a recessed, hexagonal socket. These fasteners connect parts in machines and some structures. They are almost always fully threaded and meant to be used with a nut.

An Allen key is used to tighten or loosen socket head bolts by fitting into the recessed head.

What Is A Socket Bolt?

Socket bolts, also known as socket screws, serve many purposes in machine and structural applications.

Socket bolts are meant to be installed with a nut. These threaded fasteners have cylindrical heads with recessed sockets. Hex wrenches or Allen keys fit into the hexagonal sockets. The heads fit flush with the base material surface.

What Do Socket Bolts Look Like?

Sockets bolts have cylindrical heads with diameters only slightly larger than the shaft.

The shaft of this fastener generally has full threading with a blunt end. The rim of the head usually has ridges. At the center of the head, a recessed socket drive is present. The shape of the socket is typically hexagonal.

What Are Socket Head Screws Made From?

Socket head cap screws can be made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and rigid nylon plastic polymers.

These tough industrial materials have properties that prevent corrosion. Finishing treatments of black oxide are needed to stop corrosion on carbon steel screws.

Socket head cap screws manufactured from stainless steel naturally resist exposure to corrosive forces.

What Are Socket Bolt Dimensions?

Socket bolt sizes measure the diameter of the shaft, the length of the threaded shaft, the diameter of the head, and the height of the head.

The height of the head frequently equals the diameter of the shaft. The diameter of the head is typically one-and-a-half times the shaft's diameter.

How Are Socket Machine Bolts Measured?

Key measurements for socket machine bolts, such as shank diameter and length, are similar to other bolts.

Length is measured from the underside of the head to the end of the shank. Measurement of the shank diameter includes the space taken up by threads. The height of the head usually matches the shank diameter.


How Are Socket Head Cap Screws Made?

A few characteristics separate socket head caps screws from other bolts and screws.

After threading the shank and shaping the head, the manufacturing process for socket head caps screws stamps the head's socket with a die. Ridges are then formed on the head's rim for gripping. Resistant coatings are sometimes applied.

How Are Socket Bolts Installed?

Installation of a socket bolt is completed with a nut. Socket bolts can be tightened with either a socket wrench or Allen key.

The outer ridges of the head connect with the wrench, and the recessed drive fits an Allen key. These tools can tighten or loosen both socket head bolts and socket screws.